Current issues in ecotoxicology

The newest course on ecotoxicology at the Pedagogical University!

Ecotoxicology is a very dynamic science which studies the whole environment. Bioaccumulation and biomagnification – the two most important ecotoxicological processes do not act in books and scientific papers, but here – in our garden, forest, everywhere. The size and type of the pollution may shock us in many places, so the main aim of this course is to present the newest and hottest topics in ecotoxicology from all over the world. You may be frightened after the course, but for sure it is very good to know the danger of the pollution than to live in ignorance. It will help you in the future to choose healthier lifestyle.

This is the newest course from the ecotoxicology series at the Pedagogical University. It is quite unique, because there will not be any lectures, but there will be some new scientific papers on the e-learning platform ready to be downloaded and read. The forum of the course will be a place to exchange your thoughts, ideas or news. The scope of the course is very wide and may be influenced by any participants who will want to share his/her discoveries.

The university-wide course Current Issues in Ecotoxicology is dedicated to students of all levels, modes and subjects. The course is taught through the e-learning platform, which is available for all UP students.

The course as one from the ecotoxicology series at the Pedagogical University is connected with the facebook profile Ecotoxup where  the scientific news concerning ecotoxicology, biomonitoring and environmental chemistry are being shared. All the students are welcome to subscribe this profile.

Skills needed before the course: communicative English.
Courses needed before the course: 
Principles of Ecotoxicology and Advanced Ecotoxicology.

Current Issues in Ecotoxicology is the continuation of the courses Principles of Ecotoxicology and Advanced Ecotoxicology.

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