Principles of Ecotoxicology

Heavy metals, pesticides, smog, PAHs and dioxins – every day we hear about different elements and chemical compounds that pose a threat to the biosphere, including the man. What is the real risk? What to think about it? Are these real threats real or just catchy slogans? And why is all of this combined by ecology? The lecture “Principles of ecotoxicology” is going to answer these questions. Participants will hear about the major threats to the environment, the mechanisms of circulation and detoxification, as well as, about the impact of toxic substances on populations and ecosystems. We will also look at the daily life with regard to toxic substances and ways of limiting our exposition to them.

The university-wide course Principles of Ecotoxicology is dedicated to students of all levels, modes and subjects. For the full-time students the course is taught in the classroom and through the e-learning platform, which is available for all UP students (the division between classes and e-learning activities depend on the preferences of the participants and it will be discussed during the first lecture). For the external students the whole course is taught by the e-learnig platform.

The course as one from the ecotoxicology series at the Pedagogical University is connected with the facebook profile Ecotoxup where  the scientific news concerning ecotoxicology, biomonitoring and environmental chemistry are being shared. All the students are welcome to subscribe this profile.

Skills needed before the course: communicative English.
Courses needed before the course:

Principles of Ecotoxicology is the introductory course of the Advanced Ecotoxicology and meets the requirements of the e-learning forms of teaching and has been approved by the ECKUM UP in Krakow.

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